Ocie Irons | Director, Outreach

Ocie is responsible for overseeing operations of JumpStart’s Northwest Ohio office. He leads all internal and collaborator-driven operations and programming in Toledo to accelerate and invest in entrepreneurs. He works closely with JumpStart’s board members and managing partners to achieve the organization’s mission in aligning with regional stakeholders and the Ohio Third Frontier Entrepreneurial Services Program.
Contact Ocie via email at [email protected]

Amy Haschak | Partner, Network Management

Amy is responsible for managing the Ohio Third Frontier Entrepreneurial Services Provider (ESP) line-of-business program for the Northwest Ohio region. Her responsibilities include entrepreneur engagement, collaborator and partner relations, deal flow management, programming, adoption of standard methodologies, resource deployment and surveys.
Contact Amy via email at [email protected]

Adam Salon | Partner, Entrepreneurial Services

Adam is the partner of entrepreneurial services for JumpStart in Northwest Ohio. He is responsible for all services and resources provided to our tech and non-tech entrepreneurs and business owners. He is heavily involved in entrepreneur engagement, collaborator and partner relations and deal flow management.
Contact Adam via email at [email protected]

Kenny Farrar | Deal Flow Associate

Kenny is the first point of contact for tech and non-tech entrepreneurs and business owners in Northwest Ohio. He engages with early-stage and small business clients, identifies their service needs and provides feedback. He also connects clients to resources in the community for additional assistance.
Contact Kenny via email at [email protected]

Sarah Trusz | Marketing Associate

Sarah is the marketing lead for JumpStart’s work in Northwest Ohio. She is responsible for developing and executing marketing activities for the Northwest Ohio team including events, sponsorships, campaigns, content creation and social media.
Contact Sarah via email at [email protected]

Roy Hodge | Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Roy works with entrepreneurs and small business owners to start, fund and scale their businesses. This includes developing and executing effective forecasts, go-to-market strategies, sales & marketing strategies, fundraising plans and on scaling operations through product development, talent recruiting and budgeting/finance planning.
Contact Roy via email at [email protected]

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